Gravel paved terraces weed killer and anti-moss base

Bases :

Gravel paved terraces

Reduces the risk of holes from roots and maintains the waterproofing of paving-terraces. Weed killing base, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, (N° 9100504).

Destroys moss, lichens and weeds once the weed killer has been added to the anti-moss base. Can also be applied onto terraces laid on a bed of sand.

Destroys the most resistant micro-organisms
Easy and quick to apply. Without rinsing
Respects the base. Without chlorine
Consumption: 1 litre of mixture for 7m², on average.
  1. In the presence of thick moss, perform a scraping of the base.
  2. Add the bottle of Algimouss weed killer to the can of Algirass then shake together well.
  3. Apply the mixture with a sprayer, (onto dry vegetation).
  4. Clean the tools with water after use.

Storage of the product separate, unopened: minimum of 1 year in original, closed packaging. Storage of the mixture of the 2 products: use in the days which follow the mixing of the weed killer with the anti-moss base.

Base of anti-moss quaternary ammonium compound salts in aqueous solution. Contains 24 g/l ammonium alkyldi methyl benzyl chloride

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