Solar panel cleaner

Bases :

Photvoltic and thermal solar panels, skylights

Exclusive formula allowing the reduction of marks, thanks to its repellent properties. Non-aggressive and non-corrosive : does not attack materials.

Optimise the performance of solar panels
Easy and quick to apply. Acts in 5 minutes
Respects the environment. Without chlorine

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Conditioning: 5L Consumption: 1 litre for 6 to 7 m² on average

Never work in bright sunlight.

Shake the product well before using.

Generously apply the product to the base to be cleaned with the aid of a sprayer or a wet squeegee.

Leave to act for 5 minutes.

Remove the stains by passing a dry squeegee.

A second application could prove necessary depending on the state of the base.

Clean the tools with water after use.

Never apply in bright sunlight.

Base of detergent components in aqueuse solution.

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