ALGI 202

Roof, wall and facade waterproofing treatment – Concentrated to be diluted

Bases :

Terracotta tiles, unpainted fibre cement corrugated sheets, lauzes, slates.

single layer coatings and other coatings, bricks, stone and other absorbent bases

Double action for long-term efficacy
Easy and quick to apply
Without rinsing
Respects the base without chlorine.
Conditioning: 5L, 15L, 200L Consumption: 1 litre of diluted product for 3 to 4 m²
  1. In the presence of thick moss or large patches of lichens, perform a prior brushing or a scraping.
  2. Protect the surfaces that do not need to be treated.
  3. Shake the product well before using.
  4. Dilute the product to the ratio of 1 litre for 7 litres of water. Never overdose.
  5. Then apply the diluted product, from the bottom to the top, on a dry support with the aid of a sprayer, a paintbrush or a roller.
  6. Never rinse after application.
  7. Clean the tools with clean water after use.

Temperature of application between 8° and 25°C on a dry base. Never ovedose. Never apply in the rain.

Base of quaternary ammonium salts in aqueuse and waterproof solution. Contains 400g/l of alkyldimenthylbenzyl ammonium chloride.

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