Paint for roofs

Bases :

Concreate tile, corrugated plates and fibre-cement slates, etc.

Aqueuse phase. Matt appearance. Fast drying. Very good adhesion.

Excellent for keeping out bad weather, particularly in industrial and marine atmospheres.

Decorates and protects roofing materials.

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Conditioning: Brick red 6Kg, Brick red 20Kg, Brown 6Kg, Brown 20Kg, Red tile 6Kg, Red tile 20Kg, Slate black 6Kg, Slate black 20Kg Consumption: 200 to 400 g/m² per layer, depending on the porosity of the base.
  1. The base must be clean, dry, stable and mandatorily treated with Algimouss. Leave the treatment to act for 5 days before the application of the product.
  2. It is essential to apply an undercoat of primer beforehand for Algitoit especially if the base is powdery or chalky.
  3. Apply two layers of paint by gun, paintbrush or roller.
  4. The dilution with water will vary depending on the method of application and the porosity of the bases:
    • 1st layer: dilution from 10 to 20%.
    • 2nd layer: dilution from 5 to 10%.
  5. Clean the tools with water immediately after use.

Never apply on plastics, metals, glass, bitumen shingles.

Base of vinyl-acrylic emulsion in aqueuse solution.

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