ALGI 202

Roof, wall and facade waterproofing treatment – Concentrated to be diluted

Bases :

Terracotta tiles, unpainted fibre cement corrugated sheets, lauzes, slates.

single layer coatings and other coatings, bricks, stone and other absorbent bases

Curative and preventative, double action, without chlorine.

Double action for long-term efficacy
Easy and quick to apply
Without rinsing
Respects the base without chlorine.
Conditioning: 5L, 15L Consumption: 1 litre of diluted product for 3 to 4 m²
  1. In the presence of thick moss or large patches of lichens, perform a prior brushing or a scraping.
  2. Protect the surfaces that do not need to be treated.
  3. Shake the product well before using.
  4. Dilute the product to the ratio of 1 litre for 7 litres of water. Never overdose.
  5. Then apply the diluted product, from the bottom to the top, on a dry support with the aid of a sprayer, a paintbrush or a roller.
  6. Never rinse after application.
  7. Clean the tools with clean water after use.

Temperature of application between 8° and 25°C on a dry base. Never ovedose. Never apply in the rain.

Base of quaternary ammonium salts in aqueuse and waterproof solution. Contains 400g/l of alkyldimenthylbenzyl ammonium chloride.

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