Paving and exterior floor curative and preventive treatment

Permanently eliminate incrusted lichens, algae and all parasitic micro-organisms

Destroys the most resistant micro-organisms
Quick and easy to apply Without rinsing
Respects the environment Without chlorine

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Conditioning: 5L, 15L, 30L Consumption: 1 litre for 5m² on average, depending on the porosity of the base
  1. Wash the paving with a high-pressure washer, adjusted to average pressure, then spray the product neat on the surface still soaked with water but without puddles.
  2. Cleans the tools with water after use.
  3. Never rinse after applciation.

Temperature of use: from 5° to 25°C. Application on a damp base. Protect sensitive materials, (glass, wooden and aluminium joinery)

Base of cationic agent in aqueous solution. Contains 20 g/l ammonium alkyldimethylbenzyl cholride

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