Interior paint insecticide and mite additive

Bases :

All types of paint

Acts on the nervous system of the insect and the mite to provoke their paralysis and then their death

Prevents the flourishing of insects and mites

Effective against flies, mosquitos and all insects
Does not change the colour of the paint
Long-term protection

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Conditioning: 200mL Consumption: 200 ml for 20 Kg
  1. Mix the product neat with the paint with the aid of a mechanical stirrer to the ratio of 1% in volume in relation to the weight of the paint, (250 ml for 25 Kg).
  2. Then apply the paint in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Protect surrounding vegetation. Conditions of application between 5°C and 25°C

Base of synthetic pyrethroids , (20 g/l of permethrine), in solvent phase.

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