Bases :

Painted facades

Effectively eliminates all types of lichens, green deposits and traces of pollution

Effective against grease and resistant stains
Easy and quick to apply. Effective in 15 minutes
Without chlorine. Without solvent
Conditioning: 1L, 5L Consumption: 1Litre of diluted product for 7 to 8 m²
  1. Dilute the product to the ratio of 1L for 4 to 19 L of water depending on the state of soiling of the base.
  2. Apply the product diluted with a sprayer, sponge or mop.
  3. Leave to act for 5 to 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse with a high-preassure washer at an appropriate preassure.

Perform a preliminary test Temperature of use between 5° and 25°. Domestic storage without freezing Protect the surrounding vegetation.

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