High performance cleaner against cement milt (soluble powder)

Eliminate milt, algae blooms and traces of cement. Eliminate the residues of cement, lime and limescale on floors. Can also be used for cleaning stones and slabs after sawing. Descale radiators, boilers, etc.

Effective against the most resistent traces of cement.
Easy and quick to apply. Effective in 15 minutes.
Respect the environment. Without hydrocholric acid.
Conditioning: 500Gr Consumption: 1 litre for 4 to 10m² depending on the porosity of the base.
  1. Dissolve Algiciment in lukewarm water at the rate 100g per litre.
  2. Pour the solution directly onto the floor and spread it out with the aid of a brush or a sponge.
  3. Leave to act until effervescence, rinse and reapply the treatment if necessary.
  4. For a cluster of cement, pour the Algiciment powder directly onto it, lightly moisten and leave to act.
  5. Then pass a dampened sponge on the areas of application.

Never apply onto marble, comblanchien limestone, limestone rock, metals, paints, glass and surrounding vegetation

Sulphamic acid.

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