Prevents the penetrating of water into porous materials

Bases :

Unpainted fibre cement corrigated panels Limestone rock, tuffeau.

Limits the incrustation of stains
Easy and quick to apply
Respects the base and without chlorine

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Conditioning: 1L, 5L, 20L Consumption: 1L for 5m²

Protect surfaces that do not need to be treated.
In case of accidental projections – especially on glass and aluminium - immediately rinse with water.
Apply the product neat with the aid of a sprayer, a paintbrush or a roller on a clean and dry base.
Do not pass more than one coat, operating from the top to the bottom.
Never reapply the product onto itself.
Clean the tools with water after use.

Domestic storage without freezing.

Xi (Irritant).
R36/38: irritant for the eyes and the skin.
S2 : keep out of the reach of children.
S26 : in case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately and extensively with water and consult a specialist.
S36/37/39 : wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves and a protective device for the eyes / face.
S46 : in case of ingestion, immediately consult a doctor and show them the packaging or label

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