Eliminates ground salpetre

Bases :

Bricks, coatings, stones, cement, concrete, plasters, etc

Destroys the most resistant micro-organisms. Without rinsing
Easy and quick to apply.
Respects the environment. Without chlorine

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Conditioning: 1L, 5L Consumption: 1L for 6m²

Remove all flaky and non-adhesive parts by brushing.
Apply the product neat with the aid of a paintbrush, roller or sprayer until the base is saturated, largely surpassing the areas to be treated.
When the base is dry, generally towards the end of 2 or 3 hours, apply a second coat.
Clean the tools with water after use

Domestic storage without freezing.

S2 : keep out of the reach of children.
S26 : in case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately and extensively with water and consult a specialist.
S36/37 : wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves.
S46 : in case of ingestion, immediately consult a doctor and show them the packaging or label

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