Eliminate darkening and restore a clean appearance

Effective against darkening and stains
Easy and quick to apply
Deep action in 12 hours

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Conditioning: 1L, 5L Consumption: 1L for 6m²

Apply the product neat with a sprayer or a paintbrush on the darkened surfaces.
Leave to act for 1 to 12 hours for in-depth action.
Rinse with a brush and water until the wood has regained its natural appearance.
Repeat the application if the wood has not totally regained its original colour after 12 hours.
After drying, maybe coat in varnish, paint or wood stain

Domestic storage without freezing.

Xi (Irritant).
R36/38 : irritant for the eyes and skin.
S2 : keep out of the reach of children.
S26 : in case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately and extensively with water and consult a specialist.
S36/37/39 : wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves and a protective device for the eyes / face.
S46 : in case of ingestion, immediately consult a doctor and show them the packaging or label.

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