Positionning faced with Reach

Respect of current European regulations. Yoni, R&D
What is REACH?

REACH appointed the regulation concerning the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances, as well as the restrictions applicable to these substances, (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), entered into effect the 1st June 2007 with the aim of streamlining and improving the former legislative framework of the European Union, (EU), with regards to chemical substances.

The aims of REACH are as follows:

  • Better protect human health and the environment faced with the risks that chemical substances could pose;
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the European chemical industry, that constitutes a key sector of the UE economy;
  • Promote alternative methods of evaluation for dangerous substances;
  • Guarantee the free movement of substances on the interior market of the European Union.

All the manufacturers and importers of chemical substances must identify and manage the risks associated with the substances that they manufacture and launch on the market.

The obligations of downstream users regarding REACH:
  • closely monitor the pre-registration, registration and autorisation phases ;
  • implement the risk management measures recommended by the supplier;
  • transmission of information on the substances as such or contained in preparations up and down the supply chain;
  • communication of use, (identified use), to your supplier in order that they can take it into account in the technical file and in the report on chemical safety;
  • communication to the user of a substance or a preparation in the supply chain, (non-appropriate risk management measures, new information relating to the dangers of the substance or preparation….);
  • Use of the substance compliant with the conditions laid down in the authorisation. For substances subject to authorisation, (information indicated in the MSDS).  If this is not covered by the authorisation, the user must submit a request for authorisation for their own usage or that of their customers.
The obligations of retailers regarding Reach:
  • Implement risk management measures recommended by the supplier concerning transport and storage;
  • transmission of information on the substances as such or contained in preparations up and down the supply chain, (suppliers to customers, customers to suppliers);
Algimouss regarding REACH

Algimouss commits to conforming to REACH requirements as a downstream user. We inform our customers of REACH’s position concerning the products that we use. The raw materials that we use require registration that is subject to a pre-registration by our suppliers. Thus guaranteeing their willingness. Algimouss is in a favourable position, equally in terms of the procurement of raw materials as the formulation process. Widely supported by the use of some renewable materials based on natural oils and greases.

Hence, you are also in a favourable position as users and retailers of our formulations. We have always worked to ensure the quality, respect of the environment and the safety of our products. REACH registered, therefore, in keeping with the strategy developed by Algimouss.

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