Paving cleaning: how to maintain your terrace

All our recommendations for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your paving- terrace
Cleaning, Treatment and Protection of paving / terraces
Eliminate stains and blackening from pollution on your terrace

The cleaning products allow an immediate aesthetic effect to be obtained, by restoring a fresh appearance to the base. In the presence of grease stains, embedded stains, oils and all greasy substances on your base, we advise you to clean your paving.

Algimouss’s advice for cleaning your terrace :
The application of a cleaning product allows the removal of lichens, pollution black marks and dirt that sits on the surface.

Our cleaning products do not contain chlorine, caustic soda nor acid, they do not change the appearance nor the structure of the material.

In order to proceed with cleaning your paving, Algimouss recommends to you:
Algiclean, exterior paving and floor cleaner and degreaser, concentrated to be diluted
Alginet paving, exterior paving cleaner.

Important : The mechanical action of rinsing at medium pressure is essential and allows the activation of the product, this stage is important in order to obtain an optimal result.

The cleaning products have an immediate effect but of limited duration.

To prevent and extensively destroy the micro-organisms, we advise the application of a treatment product.

Eliminate stains and pollution black marks on your terrace in 6 stages

  1. Protect the surfaces that do not require cleaning.
  2. Dampen the base,
  3. Apply the Alginet paving product or the diluted Algiclean on a clean and dry base,
  4. Leave to act for 60 minutes to 2 hours,
  5. Rinse with a high-pressure cleaner adjusted to between 80 and 100 bars.
  6. Application temperature : between 5 and 25°C
terrace cleaning product
terrace cleaning
Permanently eliminate green deposits, algae micro-organisms from your paving

The treatment products are designed to destroy micro-organisms, parasites embedded in the bases.
They are recommended for all types of paving such as self-locking slabs, natural or reconstituted stone, unrefined concreate….

Algimouss advice for the treatment of your paving / terrace :
The application of treatment products is recommended on the bases that have been cleaned beforehand that mainly contain micro-organisms, green deposits and lichens.
Our treatment products have a base of biocide that completes cleaning and allows a preventative effect to be had over time. They are intended to thoroughly eliminate all parasitic organisms or substances.

Process of action :
Vegetal parasites are destroyed in a few days. First and foremost, you wille observe a yellowing, then you will see their decomposition. The action of rain water allows the slow picking up of the green deposits and lichens from your terrace, in a few weeks, or perhaps a few months, depending on the nature of the micro-organisms.

In order to thoroughly eliminate the micro-organisms from your paving / terrace, Algimouss advise that you apply the Algidal product, exterior paving treatment.

Permanently eradicate green deposits, mosses, algae and micro-organisms from your paving in 4 stages

  1. Spray the Algida product neat on a clean base, then, on the surface, soak with water but do not leave puddles,
  2. Leave to act and above all do not rinse,
  3. Without rain: 24 hours minimum
  4. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C
exterior paving cleaning product
Protect your terrace from atmospheric attacks

The  Algimouss range of waterproofing prevents water, oil and greasy substance penetration into absorbent materials.

Algimouss’s recommendations for the protection of your paving / terrace :
The application of a waterproofing product on your paving / terrace allows protection against ice, bad weather and limits the encrustation of stains. The long-term protection products increase U.V. resistance whilst letting the materials breathe because they do not form a film.

In order to protect your paving from aggressive environments, Algimouss recommend the use of two products:
Algifob+ water and grease proof paving and terracotta floors,
Algifob+ wet effect waterproof pacing and terracotta floors.

Protect your terrace from atmospheric attacks in 4 stages:

  1. Protect the surfaces that do not need to be treated.
  2. Apply the Algifob+ product or Algifob+ wet effect  product on a clean and dry base,
  3. Never rinse after application
  4. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C
terrace cleaning product
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