Algimouss has developed a complete range of products for the maintenance and renovation of materials and guarantees their staying power.
The products
What is the difference between the cleaning products and the treatment products?

The cleaning products with the blue caps are recommended for the first stage of maintainence. They are used on dirty bases, (stains, pollution black marks and micro-organisms). They eliminate the problem on the surface and allow the restoration of a clean base to improve the efficiency of the treatment products.

The treatment products with the yellow caps contain biocides, allowig in-depth destruction of micro-organisms.

What is the difference between Algimouss and Algimix products?

Algimouss is a “ready to use” treatment product: it is applied as such on the base to be treated. Algimix is also a treatment product but is ‘’concentrated’’: it requires being diluted before application.

The two products contain biocides, they act on vegetal parasitaires, lichens and fungi.

Note: for old or heavily dirty bases, it is recommended to use Algimix diluting it to the rate of 1L to 9L of water.

How long before the effects of the products are visible?

The cleaning and protection products have an immediate effect.

The treatment products act in accordance with climatic conditions. For an optimal result, it is necessary to wait 6 to 8 months, (or perhaps a year), depending on the state of the soiling and age of the base.

The result depends on the following criteria: materials, exposure of the base, climate, product used.

What is a biocide?

Biocides are active molecules that contribute to the attack of different micro-organisms. There are algicides intended to fight against algae and fungicides acting on the fungi and lichens.

Is it necessary to rinse a product from the treatment range?

Never rinse the treatment product because it will be removed from the base and its efficiency will be null. It is for this reason that it is essential that it does not rain in the 12 to 24h after application.

After the application of a treatment or protection, how long does it not need to rain for?

After application of a treatment product, it must not rain for 24h to 48h.

What pressure must a cleaning product be rinsed off after application?

The cleaning products must be carefully rinsed, we recommend a rinse at medium pressure of around 80 bars in order not to damage the base.

Product usage
When to apply a product?

The spring or the autumn, months where the temperatures are more favourable, (between 5 and 25°C). If the temperature is too hot during the application, there is a risk of evaporation of the product before its penetration in the base.

Warning regarding the rain with the treatment products: it must not rain in the 12 to 24 hours after application!

What is the period to observe between cleaning and treatment?

After cleaning, wait for the base to be clean and dry on the surface to apply the treatment product.

What is the period to observe between treatment and protection?

After being treated, wait at least 3 weeks before applying the protection product. The protection product must always be applied on a clean and dry base.

What is the period of effectiveness of the products?

The cleaning products do not have a length of effectiveness because they are not curative products.

The treatment products have a length of effectiveness of between 3 and 5 years depending on the environment. If more of the protection product is applied, the action is extended by 2 years

Note : if a 2 in 1 product, (treatment & protection), is used, such as Algi 21, Algi 201 or Algi 202, the action is also extended to 2 years.

What are the items on which the protection products act?

Our protection products act on atmospheric conditions such as rain, ice and UV radiation, but also attacks due to use, grease …

Do the products have an expiration date?

The Best By Date, (BBD) , is 3 years from the manufacturing date, (see on the can). Remember that the product must be stored between 0 and 25°C. The product however can be used after the date but with a reduction in effect.

What are the precautions to use the products?

Carefully read the conditions of use of each product specified on the labels. It is essential to respect the recommended doses, the recommendations for each material and the application time to have an optimal result.

Limit projections on the vegetation and all of the bases that do not need to be cleaned, treated or protected. Avoid all discharge into ponds, rivers and other bodies of water.

How long can the products be kept once opened?

For optimal use, the product can be used up to 1 year after being opened. The product can still be used after this date however the results may be reduced.

The environment
Are Algimouss products hazardous for the environment?

Algimouss’s policy is to design products that respect the environment. In order to achieve this, most of our products are:

  • Without chlorine
  • Without organic solvent
  • More than 90% biodegradables
  • Without strong acids
  • Without petrol products
Is there a risk for vegetation close to the area of application?

Algimouss’s product range remain chemical products . it is therefore recommended to always protect vegetation close to the treatment area.

What are the regulsations?

Algimouss’s product range follows European requests notably the REACH and COV bocide regulations.

Where can I find the prices?

We are a manufacturer and not a retailer : therefore, we do not sell directly. To understand all of the prices of our range, it would be appropriate to contact our retailers,  find a retailer.

Who can apply the products?

We are a product manufacturer, we do not administer the products. All our products are easy to use, each user with appropriate protective equipment and good knowledge of the products can apply them.

We reference a list of authorised dispensers to apply our products, you can ask us for information on the contact page to find a dispenser close to you.

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