Cleaning: how to maintain your facade

All our recommendations for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your exterior facade. Stains, Green deposits, Vegetal parasites …
Cleaning, treatment and protection for your facade
Eliminate stains and blackening from pollution on your facade

Algimouss’s recommendations for cleaning your facade :
The use of a cleaning product is essential because it eases the removal of stains and micro-organisms on the surface and, therefore, prevents a weakening of the base by an aggressive scouring of a high-pressure cleaner.

The cleaning products allow an immediate aesthetic result to be obtained: in the presence of atmospheric stains, lichens, red algae and pollution black spots, we advise you to clean your facade before treatment.

Important : The mechanical action of rinsing at medium pressure is essential and allows the activation of the product. The stage is important in order to obtain an optimal result.

For the cleaning of your facade, Algimouss recommend you use:
Alginet flash PAE, ready for use, facade grease cleaner.
Alginet flash, bi-component, facade grease cleaner.

Cleaning allows surface degreasing of materials, but the roots of micro-organisms, lichens and algae remain embedded in the base.

To delay the reoccurrence of parasite micro-organisms and avoid a new soiling, Algimouss recommend that you apply a treatment product.

Eliminate stains and pollution black spots on your facade in 5 stages

  1. Dampen the base before application,
  2. Apply the Alginet flash PAE product or the Alginet flash product with a sprayer,
  3. Leave to act for 45 to 60 minutes,
  4. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C,
  5. Rinse with a high-pressure cleaner.
Facade maintenance
Facade maintenance
Permanently eliminate green deposits, algae and micro-organisms on your facade

Treatment products are advised to eliminate micro-organisms embedded in materials such as green deposits, mosses lichens and algae. They act permanently on all facade materials and bases.

Algimouss’s recommendations for the maintenance of your facade :

Our treatment products have a base of biocide that completes the stage of cleaning and allows a preventative effect to be had over time. They are intended to thoroughly eliminate all parasitic organisms or substances.
These products attack the micro-organisms: they permanently stop their propagation and also eliminate moss, green deposits and lichens that develop on facades and porous claddings.

Treatment has a long-lasting and persistent action. Re-humidification of the base by rain water reactivates the  action of the product and provides long-term treatment.

Process of action :
Vegetal parasites are destroyed in a few days. First and foremost, you will notice a yellowing, then you will see their decomposition. The action of rain water allows the slow elimination of green deposits and lichens from your facade, in a few weeks, or perhaps a few months, depending on the nature of the micro-organisms.

To thoroughly eliminate micro-organisms from your facade, Algimouss recommends to you:
Algimouss paving, walls and facades remedial and preventative treatment
Algimix  paving, walls and facades remedial and preventative treatment, concentrated to be diluted

Thoroughly eliminate micro-organisms on your facade in 3 stages :

  1. Apply the Algimouss product or the diluted Algimix product from the top to the bottom of a dry base,
  2. Never rinse after application, waiting time : at least 24 hours without rain.
  3. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C.
Facade maintenance product
Protect your facade from atmospheric attacks

Would you like to waterproof or protect your plaster, brick, stone or other absorbent material facade against the ice, aging and bad weather?

Algimouss protection products are recommended to prevent water penetration in absorbent materials.

Algimouss recommendations for the protection of your facade :
Our waterproofing protection products are applied to a clean and dry base. The base must be clean and treated before using a protection product. The stage is the final one to perform for full maintenance.

Important : Wait at least 3 weeks between the treatment and the application of the waterproof product.

The protection allows the materials to be protected for between 3 and 5 years, (depending on exposure), against:

  • The embedding of stains,
  • The ice,
  • The aging of the base.

For the protection of your façade, Algimouss recommends to you: 
Algifuge, roof, wall and façade waterproofing agent.

Protect your facade from bad weather in 4 stages:

  1. Protect the surfaces that do not need to be treated,
  2. Apply the Algifuge product from the top to the bottom on a clean and dry base,
  3. Never rinse,
  4. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C.
facade protective product
stone facade maintenance
Treat and waterproof your roof: 2 actions in 1 application

The application of Algimouss 2 in 1 product, (treatment and protection), is recommended for bases that are less than 15 years old that contain few green deposits, mosses, lichens and algae to eliminate. They destroy vegetal parasites and prevent the penetration of water into the materials.

These products are recommended for the protection of bases such as plasters, (single-layer and others), bricks, limestone rock and all absorbent bases.

Algimouss’s recommendations to treat and protect your facade :
The 2 in 1 product allows the treatment and waterproofing of the base in a single application. The treatment can not only permanently eliminate micro-organisms, vegetal parasites, green deposits, lichens and algae but also delay their onset. The waterproofing agent provides long-term protection and limits the encrustation of stains without changing the appearance, nor the structure of the materials.

Important : The double action products are applied to a base that has been previously cleaned and that is dry.

To treat and protect your facade from bad weather, Algimouss recommends to you:
Algi21 treatment and waterproofing agent, in solvent phase
Algi201 treatment and waterproofing agent, in aqueous phase
Algi202 treatment and waterproofing agent, in concentrated to dilute phase.

Treat and waterproof your facade in 4 stages:

  1. Protect the surfaces that do not need to be treated,
  2. Apply the Algi21 product or Algi201 product or dilute and apply the Algi202 product from the top to the bottom of a clean and dry base,
  3. Never rinse,
  4. Application temperature: between 5 and 25°C.
house facade cleaner
house facade cleaning product
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