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Regulations: anti-moss, algicide and fungicide
Gain insight into our chemical products, including the Algimouss treatment
Preventative and curative treatment

Why we can no longer use the word “anti-moss”?

Originally called  «anti-moss», our treatments are now part of the phytopharmaceutical category of products. Terms like «anti-moss» or «de-mossent» are therefore no longer allowed to appear on all of the documentation. For this reason, today at Algimouss we use the terms «curative and preventive treatment» to describe our products which does not have any effect on their formulation and their efficacity.

The different chemical components of Algimouss treatments and their effects

The association of different molecules contained in the Algimouss products is carefully selected in a way to obtain an optimal synergy translating to quicker and more prolonged action. In the end, the efficacity is even better at each stage of treatment: wettability of the base, absorption of the product by the base and by the vegetal parasites, destruction of the micro-organisms and long-term protection of the base.


How are they made available on a regulated market?

European regulation, (EU), n°528/2012, following on from the European Directive 98/8/CE, aimed at aligning the regulation of the European Union members concerning biocides. The main objective of the regulation was to ensure an elevated level of protection for man, animals and the environment  only making available on the market effective active substances and biocide products. It offers a regulated legislative framework of the launch onto the market and the areas of application for these molecules.

Base wettability

Better absorption of the product by the base and the vegetal parasites

Thorough destruction of micro-organisms

Long-term protection of the base

Our Algimouss PRO treatment products like Algimouss, Algimix, Algidal and Algirass are formulated with a base of biocides. The active substances allows an in-depth attack of the different micro-organisms found in housing materials. A biocide can operate on several types of stains: the algicides fighting more especially against algae, as well as fungicides that are intended to eliminate fungi and lichens.

Hot Topic for 2018 : The Algimouss product is new generation, thus offering an enlarged spectrum of treatment in addition to the one that was nitially presented:

A larger number of micro-organisms can be eliminated!

The active ingredients are the molecules introduced in the lipophilic part, (which likes greases), related to a hydrophilic part, (that likes water). They act in synergy with the biocides to provide a better spread over surfaces and thus better wettability to the base. The  absorption of active ingredients by the micro-organisms is quicker to give an accelerated curative effect whilst remaining long-term.

Our treatment products are all formulated in aqueous phase aqueous, (= in water), thus reducing their impact on the environment and encouraging their biodegradability.

The formulations of the range are based on molecules selected for their biodegradable and non-toxic character. However, it must not be forgetten that they are chemical products that could have minor impacts on the environment. For example, the treatment products remain toxic for the aquatic environment. In the case of the reclamation of rain water, it is essential to create a diversion during the two or three rainfalls that follow the application.

Use of Algimouss treatment products.

The curative and preventative treatments are used for all materials that can be found in the construction industry: roofs, facades, pavements, wood, etc. They penetrate into absorbent bases, neutralise and kill the micro-organisms which develop. Our treatments act over the long-term, (6 – 8 months), for a through removal of the micro-organisms on the base. Our products are effective for 3 – 5 years on average, according to the exposure of the base.

Note: it is normal to observe variations in colours on the treated base the day after or a few days after the application. They will naturally disappear during the next rainfall.

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