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EASY SPRAYER is an automatic electrical spraying gun providing a maximum pressure of 9.8 bars.

Thanks to its hose, it allows the spraying of the chemical product directly from its container.

Portable and light, it will make your work more comfortable.

Perfect union of practicality and versatility, there is nothing like the new chemical spray system. The portability and the light-weight design makes all spraying jobs safe, effortless and enjoyable!

The gun allows the spraying of all materials at low pressure simply by immersing the hose, with its suction strainer, in all of the containers.

It is compatible with all water based, (without solvent), chemical products. The flow controller allows the pressure to be adapted in accordance with the requirements,  providing a continuous jet that facilitates application.

The spray gun is ideal for all those who are tired of having to constantly pump when spraying large areas.

Its various nozzles make it an ideal tool for extensive applications.

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