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Concentrated painted facade cleaner

Algicleaner ultra-concentrated painted surface cleaner

Algicleaner allows the cleaning, degreasing and elimination of the most embedded stains such as oil and grease marks on painted surfaces, (facades, floors), as well as closed bases, (tiling, PVC bases).Algicleaner is used diluted, 1 L of product to 4L to 19L of water, allowing the treatment...

Automous electrical sprayer

PROSPRAYER II, continuous jet autonomous electrical sprayer

The PROSPRAYER II sprayer is an autonomous sprayer, it is fitted with two rechargeable batteries, (2 hours of autonomy per battery), you will thus no longer need a water, electrical, or compressed air attachment. It will allow you to work freely and peacefully.Thanks to its controllable...


Perfect union of practicality and versatility, there is nothing like the new chemical spray system. The portability and the light-weight design makes all spraying jobs safe, effortless and enjoyable!...

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