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We recommend the application of an Anti-Moss solution to purify the base after having cleaned it and removed the stains and grease. After cleaning, the base appears clean on the surface, it is then time to purify it thoroughly in order to guarantee the optimal durability for the coating or paintwork. The anti-moss treatment not only allows effective fighting against the appearance and spreading of moss, but also all of micro-organisms such as lichens and algae.

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How is an anti-moss product applied?

It is better to proceed with de-mossing exterior surfaces in the spring or the autumn. It must be warm and dry, but not too hot, the product must be able to dry before it rains.

After having removed the large patches of moss and established lichens, apply the Anti-moss treatment product with a sprayer, time will do the rest. It is necessary to wait several weeks for the micro-organisms to fall.

It is recommended to apply the waterproofing agent product to extend the effectiveness of the Anti-moss or for a single application you could use an anti-moss and waterproofing agent product.

It is important to read the instructions before the application of an anti-moss product on the base. Follow the instructions and wear protection equipment if necessary.

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