Algimouss commits :

Algimouss develops products in aqueous phase, non-aggressive for the support and most of the treatments are more than 90% biodegradable.
For better indoor air quality


We all spend 80 % of our time in a closed space, at work, at home, at school, we all breath air loaded with exterior pollutants, but also with those from the interior environment: different sources of emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), more or less toxic, and other chemical components have been identified:

  • Construction and insulation materials,
  • Coatings, (floors, walls, paintwork),
  • furnishings,
  • occupant activities

Advanced control… In the framework of the Grenelle environmental law, the fight against interior air pollution is one of the priorities.


To guide you in the choice of construction / decoration products / materials in terms of toxicological safety in order to improve the quality of the air of your interior, (habitations, industrial premises, commercial, manufacturing or storage,…).

Your guaranteee

Insurance against poor everyday comfort for the human being because of the presence of specific contaminants that are not yet regulated by legislation or traditional international hallmarks.
Insurance, also, that emissions of chemical components of construction and decoration materials in gaseous phase will not be liable to cause a change in the composition and / or organoleptic quality of a sensitive material or those stored in their presence.

Why demand Excell + Quality Products

Excell + is a qualification procedure for construction and decoration products that allows the identification and promotion of products with low chemical emissions.

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